For the year 2017/2018 I am teaching a variety of subects in the building. I teach, grade7-12 shop (welding, carpentry/cabinetry, mechanics), physical education 9, science 7 & 8, Health 7 & 8, Outdoor Education 7, math 20-3 and science 24. I am a big advocate of using technology where it makes sense and love to use Google Classroom's as a digital homebase for many of my classes. Both parent's and students alike can join a class; you can see exactly what is going on there its great and its accessible. For those without internet access however material is often still printed on paper where needed. I am happy to communicate with parents or students alike anytime, you can reach my phone at the school and very easily by email just about anytime (  I love to showcase our student's shop projects online on Intsgram; feel free to check them out